Drutoloan Sailor Program

Drutoloan Sailor or the Direct selling agent (DSA) is associated with drutoloan to acquire potential loan borrowers. The applicant’s loan procedure and all the administrative formalities will be taken care of by the DSA loan agents. Drutoloan Sailors represent Drutoloan but are not hired employee. The agents receive commission over each successful loan application. Along with their primary job, Drutoloan sailors can earn up to BDT 50000 per month as passive income.

However, the agent must get their Drutoloan Sailor or DSA registration before starting to work.

Sales representative (SR) working in companies will get highest priority.


What is the procedure for the Drutoloan Sailor registration?

You can easily do the Drutoloan Sailor Registration Online by the following procedure carefully:

  • Visit our official website Sailor Program Page and submit your application.

  • After you are done with the application submission, Drutoloan team will contact you for verification.

  • Once all the documents and necessary information are vetted by our team, and if they are satisfied with your application, our team will start the due process and send you the DSA agreement.

  • You sign and then submit the agreement to Drutoloan’s designated team.

  • After receiving the agreement, our team will issue a unique Drutoloan Sailor Identification Number (DSIN) for you and will also provide the required training, technological and logistic support.

After getting the Dutroloan Sailor Identification Number (DSIN) and APP, you become Drutoloan’s representative. You need that code to upload the loan document. Loan availed through the referral of your code will earn you commission on the loans. It should be also noted that the verification process will be extremely challenging as you will representing Drutoloan.

Drutoloan Sailor Apply- দ্রুতলোন সেইলর আবেদন

    Enter Your CV

What are the documents required for the DSA registration?

Documents required for the verification of the Drutoloan Sailor may differ basing on the applicant. However, in general, you need to provide the following documentation for the registration:

  • Two recent passport-sized photographs attested.

  • ID proof
    • NID
    • Passport

  • Address proof (individual)
    • NID

    • Passport

    • Any utility bill of last six months

  • Profession Proof
    • ID card and Visiting Card

    • Appointment letter

    • Salary Statements

    • Any utility bill of last six months (if business)

    • Trade License (if business)

    • Rent Agreement

  • Bank transaction details or statements of the last six months from the application date if available.
  • All Educational qualification certificates
  • E-TIN
  • Some of this above-mentioned information are compulsory and some depends on applicability. Volunteered provision of any relevant information is highly appreciated.


What are the eligibility criteria for the DSA registration process?

  • To become a Drutoloan Sailor, you don’t need to hold a degree in banking or finance.
  • Any salaried or non-salaried individual and businessmen or Drutoloan customers can apply to be our Direct Selling Agent (DSA) or Drutoloan Sailor.
  • You need to have thorough knowledge about the general lending services even before applying.
  • You need to be above 18 years of age other than that there is no age limit.
  • You need to be a Bangladeshi citizen.
  • You can’t have participation in any illegal activities of any sort.

What are the advantages of becoming a Drutoloan Sailor?

  • Educational qualifications are not mandatory to be a Drutoloan Sailor. Anyone with any educational background can apply. However, you need to be persuasive and apt in your communication with the client. You need to have a thorough knowledge of the loan procedures in Bangladesh.

  • It is not a strict job; you can work at your leisure. Moreover, you can be independent and be your own boss.

  • Students who are still pursuing their education can optimize the opportunity of the experience and also the income.

  • You get the commission over each successful loan disbursement.

  • This can a promising extra income for the job holders as well as business holders alongside.

  • A Drutoloan sailor working few hours a day within his area near to his house can earn as much as BDT 50,000 per month.

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