Co-Lending Program

Drutoloan co-lending program is initiated for Banks, NBFIs, MFIs and other financial institutions to leverage Drutoloan’s expertise in tech enabled business loans for the MSME segment. The platform helps partners build their MSME loan portfolio with customers from diverse industries among millions of entrepreneurs in Bangladesh. We are simplifying access to finance for the MSME by offering a fast, efficient and complete financial technological solution.


Alternative Credit Scoring Engine to control risk basing on more than 30 parameters into three basic categories:

  • Investigating the Financial Discipline
  • Estimating the Business Performance
  • Ensuring Compliance

Flexible workflow crafted to Co-lending partner’s need:

  • Customizable application flow based on partner's policy and loan documentation.

  • Fully integrated digital layout from application to disbursement.


Seamless loan origination and management:

  • Dashboard for real time decision making and end-to-end funnel visibility.

  • Seamless workflow through host-to-host API integration.

  • Cashless Loan Disbursement and Repayment process.

Co-lending Program Layout


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